Every municipality has problems. Every business does too. Lots of them. Slips and falls on work sites. Mosquito control. Graffiti. Snow removal. Waste management. Fuel efficiency. You name it. There are a gazillion problems looking for solutions. But because you don’t actually know what the solution might be, your employees spend crazy amounts of time and money researching the web, going to conferences and reaching out to whomever they can think of. Essentially, you’re searching for a needle in a haystack and the answer may not even be a needle.

There’s a new service about to launch that intends to solve the problem of solving problems. It’s called Shout My Problem. With, you can anonymously shout your problems to the world, then just walk away and have potential solutions land in your e-mail.

If you have a business problem, you briefly describe it. It’s important that you describe your problem, not the presumed solution. When you effectively communicate the problem, you may receive unexpected solutions. Since Shout My Problem is all about research (not procurement), you’re going to want to be open minded about the responses. The proposed solutions come from companies that may have an existing product or service that can solve your problem.

Think of Shout My Problem as a matchmaker. Before posting, they review the submitted problems and verify the identity of the organizations submitting them. Then they share these problems with potential product and service providers while protecting the anonymity of the organizations who submitted the problems. Companies who wish to pitch potential solutions can respond to opportunities. The service has human curators who review the pitches to ensure they are on-point and not malicious (i.e.: pornographic, etc.). Then they forward the pitch to the organization that posted the problem.

Shout My Problem is in a beta phase right now while they work out the kinks. They are inviting problems, but not yet taking pitches. As they are now building a community of users, you are invited to submit your business problems at Right now they prefer business problems that don’t have tight deadlines because they want to gather an inventory of problems before turning on the pitching functionality. This could take a few months.

Why participate now? There may eventually be a membership or per-transaction fee for organizations to shout their problems. Shout My Problem intends to grandfather free posting of problems to early adopter organizations who participate in the beta. If you’re looking for a problem to pitch on, you can sign up for their email list and they will let you know when you can start pitching. You can sign up for the mailing list at

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