Marvin Polis
President & CEO

Marvin has worked in marketing, product development and communications for more than 35 years in a wide range of industries including energy, heavy industry, technology, telecommunications, heath care and local government. His projects have won more that 40 regional, national and international awards. 

During this time, Marvin observed that corporations, local governments and non-profits are wired to find better ways to solve problems. In fact, he has had the job of trying to solve some of these perplexing issues.

The challenge is that organizations don’t always have the resources to invent new solutions or find existing ones. This was the “blinding flash of the obvious” behind Find a way to let organizations shout their problems to the world where crowdsourced solutions come to them from various problem solvers.

Pat Gau

Marvin couldn’t wait to tell Pat his idea and knowing Pat to be the entrepreneur that he is, jumped at the opportunity to be part of this incredible venture. Having built several successful companies, Pat thought to himself, “wow, this could be the next big thing!”

Impressively, Pat is a co-owner of Bayview Homes, was the president of Digital Rez Software and used to own a houseboating company, where he thrived in all arenas. But like we said, the entrepreneur in him couldn’t refuse the opportunity, so now Shout My Problem is one of his top priorities. Having been partial to finding problems and solutions within his own companies, Pat welcomed the idea to start helping businesses around the world shout and solve their own.

Pat is the type of guy who celebrates waking up feeling good in the morning, so he can tackle the many items on his to-do list, which includes volunteering with the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, as well as fulfilling his role as president of the Eagle Valley Rescue Society and also as vice president of the Shuswap Lifeboat Society.

Karen Eastland

Being part of this gang of childhood friends, Karen was the next to join in on the exciting and innovative idea of Shout My Problem. They thought of Karen because of her unique set of skills, her unrivaled multi-tasking abilities and her chameleon like adaptability to various work environments.

By nature, Karen is a problem solver. She has an innate talent to assess the needs of any project and is the first one to jump in to get the ball rolling. Why wouldn’t she be a great fit for Shout My Problem!

In addition to the aforementioned aptitude for pretty much everything, Karen brings to the table experience in business operations, management and development, program and project development and facilitation, as well as a bouquet of HR and administration expertise, which in our opinion, is second to none.

Claudette Larocque
VP Marketing

Claudette has come out of retirement bliss for Shout My Problem. Just when she thought her worldly work was done, the team pitched the idea to her and well, she just couldn’t say no. Lucky us.

Claudette has a knack for recruiting forward thinking people and businesses that have interests in exploring new ways to improve organizational effectiveness. She too has found herself with business problems that she needed solved (who doesn’t?) and is ready to share the idea with the world. Working in various arenas such as non-profit, SME’s, private and publicly traded companies and municipal government gives Claudette a lead on understanding various work environments and issues that may arise.

Not only did Claudette attend the University of Alberta and the Harvard Business School, she has a deep passion for making connections through marketing and communications. Additionally, she was a senior executive for one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies who led the successful rebranding of a national transportation company, the GM in sport development and event management and was in charge of marketing one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. She knows how to run the marcomm race and always makes it to the finish line with both grace and success.

Pascal Albisser

Originating from Switzerland, Pascal is part of some very diverse projects all over the globe, and thankfully, Shout My Problem is one of them.

While we can’t tell you where he is right now, it’s only because we aren’t exactly sure. We are pretty sure that he is installing RFID enabled automated photography systems somewhere out there, but Pascal is worldly, adventurous and sometimes elusive. He is also an IT genius and an intuitive analyst, which makes him welcome friend in the Shout My Problem circle.

Pascal obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems at the Universität Freiburg and he speaks three languages! He sets the bar high with his extensive background as an IT consultant, and also as both a support and business analyst. Pascal is a compliment to every team that he is part of, and we are happy to be part of his circle.