How it works

(It’s kind of like matchmaking for businesses)

If you have a business problem

Click on Shout a Problem in the main navigation above. Briefly describe your organization’s problem and provide the other required information. Within 24 hours, we will post your problem and fan it out to our email list*.

If you want to appear as a guest on our podcast, please indicate that when you send us your problem.

Send us as many problems as you want. The more the merrier. It’s important that you describe your problem, not the presumed solution. If you can effectively communicate the problem, you may receive unexpected solutions. Since Shout My Problem is all about research (not procurement), you’re going to want to be open minded about the suggested solutions.

Your post will be anonymous. We will not publish your personal name, the name of your company or your contact information. When suggested solutions come in from companies who might be able to solve your problem, the suggestions will be forwarded by us to the email address you provided to Shout My Problem.

From that point, the vetting is in your hands. You do not need to respond to each suggestion. But we ask you to be courteous and do so if only to say “thanks but no thanks.” The companies who submit suggestions have invested time and effort to reach out to you. If you choose to respond, you will no longer be anonymous because you will be responding directly to the service provider. Presumably, you will receive some interesting responses and you will want to open up a useful dialogue with some of the companies who have potential solutions to your problem.

How much does it cost to shout a problem? Nothing. But we ask that you email some colleagues, tweet, tattoo our logo our your forehead or do whatever you can to help spread the word about us.

If you want to suggest a solution

You can read about the problems posted on the Shout My Problem web site, subscribe to our email list or listen to our podcast. If you see a problem your company might be able to help solve, click on Solve These Problems in the main navigation above.

Briefly describe your suggested solution. This will likely be the same level of detail you already have in your brochures or other promotional materials. Less than 500 words is the sweet spot! Include your contact information. Remember, this is not an RFP or RFQ. This is more like a trade show where someone walks up to your booth and says: “We have this problem. Do you have something that could potentially help solve it?”

When you submit your suggested solution our curators will look it over. Assuming it’s on point, we will forward your response to the organization that submitted the problem. If they see some potential, they will likely contact you for more information.

Our role

Think of us as matchmakers. We have human curators who review the submitted problems and verify the identity of the organizations submitting them. Then we share these problems with potential problem solvers while protecting the anonymity of the organizations who submitted the problems.

Companies who wish to suggest potential solutions can respond to new global opportunities. Our curators review the suggested solutions to ensure they are on-point and not malicious (i.e.: pornographic, etc.). Then we forward the suggested solutions to the organization who posted the problem.


* Note: We are in a pilot phase right now while we work out the kinks. As we build a community of users, please send us your business problems that need solving. Right now we prefer business problems that don’t have tight deadlines. If you’re looking for a problem you can solve, please visit us often and sign up for our email list. We’ll learn together and see how it goes. We appreciate your feedback.  Oh, and please tell your friends about us!