Shopping cart.JPGHow do I submit a problem?
Click on Shout a Problem in the main navigation menu above.

How long will it take for my problem to be posted?
Normally, within 24 hours. While we’re ramping up our pilot we would prefer that you submit problems that do not have tight deadlines for finding a solution.

Can I post more than one problem? 
Yes. The more the merrier. Please do them as separate submissions.

How much does it cost to shout a problem?
Nothing. But we ask that you email some colleagues, tweet, tattoo our logo our your forehead or do whatever you can to spread the word about us as your way of saying thank you. Going viral is the most sincere form of flattery.

Will my personal name or company name be published online? No.

Will my email address and phone number be published online? No.

When I receive suggested solutions, do I need to respond to each one?
No, but we ask you to be courteous and do so if only to say “thanks but no thanks.” The people who suggest solutions have invested some time, effort and money so let’s all be nice to each other.

How do I remove my problem?
You received a confirmation email when you shouted your problem. Respond to that email, asking us to cancel. If you’ve lost the email, use Contact in the main navigation menu above. You will need to provide us with the same email address you used when you submitted the problem.

How do I suggest a solution?
Click on Solve These Problems in the main navigation menu above. We also encourage you to sign up for our email list.

When will my suggested solution be forwarded to the company with the problem?
Within 24 hours.

How much does it cost to suggest a solution?
$20 USD. Just to be clear … this is the introduction fee you pay for us to pass along your suggested solution. It’s not the amount of money the organization is willing to pay to get their problem solved. That’s a discussion you need to have directly with the client if they see potential and respond to your suggested solution. Before forwarding your suggestion, our curators will review it to ensure it is on point and not misdirected. If our curators deem the suggestion to be inappropriate, we may ask for alterations or refund your fee.

Why do companies who suggest solutions need to pay?
Several reasons. First, without a paywall, the companies shouting their problems could be inundated with all kinds of frivolous responses from spammers and other questionable species. Companies willing to pay to suggest a solution are serious about what they get in return: a qualified sales lead. Second, it takes money and effort to operate this service. Like any business, we need to make ends meet.

Do I need to quote a price for my product or service when I suggest a solution?
That’s up to you. Remember, this is an informal introduction service, not a RFQ or tendering site. Your pricing discussion probably comes later, after you’ve convinced the other party that your suggested solution is going to work for them. But hey, that’s us just thinking out loud here.

Am I guaranteed to receive a response to my suggested solution?
No, we can’t force people to reply. But we do ask that everyone does, even if it’s to say “thanks but no thanks.” Keep in mind that some may have valid reasons to remain anonymous and may only wish to contact the company that has the best potential solution.