Got an industrial or business problem? Shout and the solution finds you!

Crowdsourced problem solving for business!

Every company has unresolved problems. Lots of them. So do local governments and non-profits.

Slips and falls on work sites. Mosquito control. Graffiti. Shopping carts vanishing from retail parking lots. Shoplifting. Snow removal. Waste management. Fuel efficiency. You name it. There are a gazillion industrial and business problems looking for solutions.

You know what the problem is with solving problems? You don’t know the solution. OK, that’s stating the obvious. But because you don’t actually know what the solution might be, you spend crazy amounts of time and money doing research, research and more research.

You search and search the internet. Go to trade shows and conferences. You hire consultants and research assistants.

All this research can take months … sometimes years. Staff time piles up. Or worse, consultant time!

The cruel irony is this … there is probably an existing product or service already out there that can solve your problem. But you’re searching for a needle in a haystack and the answer may not even be a needle. How cruel is that?

Introducing Shout My Problem and our podcast.

Now you can just shout your problem to the world … anonymously … and go do something else. Through the power of crowdsourcing, potential solutions simply land in your e-mail. It just takes a couple of minutes and it’s free. No research. No kidding!



 Shout My Problem is proud to be collaborating with the Alberta Smart City Alliance.


* Note: We are in a pilot phase right now while we work out the kinks. As we build a community of users, please send us your business problems that need solving. Right now we prefer business problems that don’t have tight deadlines. If you’re looking for a problem you can solve, please visit us often and sign up for our email list. We’ll learn together and see how it goes. We appreciate your feedback.  Oh, and please tell your friends about us!